Thursday, April 1, 2021

March 23, 2021 - April Fools Memory- By Joy Schwabach

Mom was the queen of April Fool’s jokes. One time, when my sister and I were little, she told us there was no school that day. We doubted her at first. But she convinced us that it was a Saturday. “Hooray!” we cried, running about in our excitement for a few minutes. “April Fools!” she said.

Our own April Fools jokes were more primitive. “There’s an ant on your pants,” just about covered it. Or: “Your slip is showing.”

Mom’s best April Fool’s joke occurred when my brother Dave, a young Marine, was visiting. “Dave, there’s a whale at the end of the dock,” Mom said. Dave dutifully rushed out to see it. He didn’t see a whale, so he asked the neighbors. They hadn’t seen one either. So he walked to the next house, and then the next, getting a lot of sand in his shoes as he walked under dock after dock. Finally he came back empty handed. “April Fools!” Mom said gleefully.

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