Monday, August 17, 2009

Robert Benchley Society Announces Winning Writers for 2009

Boston, August 17, 2009 -- The Robert Benchley Society announces the winners of the 2009 Robert Benchley Society Annual Humor Award Competition. In first place, for his essay Let’s Click Up the Old Gang Sometime is Ed Tasca of Toronto, Ontario for his original and lively writing on a new topic, social networks.

Second-place winner is Brenda Pontiff of Los Angeles, Calif. for her essay A Teensy Weensy Renaissance, which Society judge and director Kevin Fitzpatrick described as, "clever, has good writing and funny.”

Con Chapman of Weston, Mass. took third place for a clever and well-written piece Foundations of Western Logic

Of A Woman At Home by B. Elwin Sherman of Bethlehem, N.H. Mr. Fitzpatrick said "original and has a new take on an old subject.”

Final judge Kevin C. Fitzpatrick Kevin has been a past judge of the competition. He is the president of the RBS Fascinating Crimes chapter in New York. In 1999 he founded the Dorothy Parker Society and serves as president. He is the author of "A Journey into Dorothy Parker's New York" and with Nat Benchley, is the co-editor of the new book "The Lost Algonquin Round Table" (Donald Books-iUniverse). Link for the book:

Robert Benchley Society

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