Saturday, March 6, 2021

Robert Benchley in Color

In the first half of the 20th century, America transformed from a young country on the rise into a global superpower. It's a decisive period in our nation's history, and much of that history was caught, at the time, in black-and-white motion picture newsreels. The Smithsonian Channel, available on many cable TV providers, presents those historic moments, colorized in 17 episodes of America in Color

The movie industry was born in West Orange, New Jersey, in 1893 by Thomas Edison. Within thirty years, Hollywood grew into America's fourth largest, and by far most glamorous, industry. Revisit the Golden Age of Hollywood, when actors became global celebrities, moguls became millionaires, and the entire nation became movie crazy. Using digitally remastered news footage, rare studio archives, and home movie footage, look back on the dawn and meteoric rise of Tinseltown in color. Watch "America in Color: Hollywood's Golden Age" on your cable provider and keep on eye open for an uncredited Robert Benchley serving up a meal for our service men at the Hollywood Canteen.

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