Tuesday, May 7, 2019

From the Mailbag

Hello David:

I was wondering if you had any leads as to which of Robert Benchley shorts are in the public domain?

I am researching film for a classic comedy film fest, but working on a shoestring budget, and would really like to include something of Mr. Benchley's. [But I only want to include something if it's public domain/legally appropriate to do so.]

Here are the titles of films I'm wondering are public domain:

"Home Movies" (1940)
"How to Sleep" (1935)
"Sex Life of a Polyp"(1928)
"How to be a Detective" (1936)
"A Night at the Movies" (1940)

I appreciate your time and information.

Peace and take care,
Deb Mortenson
Owner/Curator of the New London Roaming Cinema

If anyone can answer this inquiry please contact David Trumbull at david@robertbenchley.org

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