Tuesday, March 31, 2015

...and the winners are...

The Robert Benchley Society Announces the Winners in the 2014 RBS Humor Writing Competition. Our celebrity judge, Mark Russell, said of this year's finalist, "If the New Yorker ever rejected any of these, I would cancel my subscription." --
  1. Lowell T. Christensen, of White Rock, N.M., for How to Help Children with Attention Deficit Disorder
    "Well worth the dizziness I experienced while reading it. The piece should include a prescription for Ritalin." -- Mark Russell
  2. Cy Creed, of Hamburg, N.Y., for Just The Socks Please, Nothing But The Socks
    "Obviously, the pace of it – I was imagining Nichols and May." -- Mark Russell
  3. Kathy Myers, of Petaluma Calif., for A Brief History of Writers
    "Funny digression in the first paragraph – I don’t question the validity of the writer’s anthropology premise." -- Mark Russell
  4. Eileen Mitchell, of Palatine, Illinois, for The Science of Stumbling
    "Loved the magazine titles, 'Fido Fancier,' 'Splay Food Journal,' 'Arms Akimbo Magazine,' etc. – pure Benchley." -- Mark Russell

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