Tuesday, July 2, 2013

RBS Member Ed Tasca Publishes New Comedic Play

Parlor Games
By Ed Tasca
Cast: 4 m, 4 w
Script: 60 pages. About 90 minutes.
A funeral parlor is the perfect setting for this quirky, off-kilter farce where family and “special” friends come to mourn, to surprise, to plot, and even to negotiate their futures. Everyone thinks Donny D’Silva was killed in a car crash. But it wasn’t Donny at all. Then again, it was – until everyone assumes the real victim is Rodrigo Benitez, Donny’s former employee. Then, Rodrigo shows up, so it’s not him either! Throughout the confusion, the families of the would-be dead make every effort to take advantage of the loss of their respective loved one. So who was the real victim? In the end, it turns out to be the town’s local lothario, whose life has ended in a most fitting way!

See more at http://www.histage.com/playdetails.asp?PID=2507

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