Friday, April 22, 2011

Know All Men by These Presents...

Thanks go out to Chris Morgan of the Boston "We've Come for the Davenport Chapter" of the Robert Benchley Society, who, with assistance from RBS Director Eileen Keck, designed our new membership cards and certificates which will be mailed today to dues-paying members of the Society. Mr. Morgan also donated the supplies and labor for the creation of the cards and certificates. The art work was provided by Horace Digby of the Longwood, Wash., "We Only Came to See if There Really is an Award" Chapter of the Society.

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Lisbeth said...

Consider this a thank you, if you must. Orginally I sent my thank you via email to our own David Trumbull (if that is his real name) but now see there is yet another creative genius in our easily forgotten universe.

I have been moved to interrupt you today to ask, will these writing interruptions never cease? Now I suppose I'll have to zip out and buy a frame for my certificate. Then I suppose I'll have to go thru a complicated maze to determine the authority to contact on the matter of obtaining the posting rules and regulations: Do members have to keep their certifications visible from within 200 feet of our home, but not within x number of feet of a school building or church yard, etc., etc....

How am I ever to get down to the serious procrastination work of writing emails and grocery lists as distractions fom writing my first novel if I can't even remain inside my own home?

And, another thing, I don't know if Benchley would have approved of these 'Suduko Sunday' items that keep getting buzzed into my inbox on the day of the same name (coincidentally). Is this how He would have wanted Us to spend Our Time? I ask you. Not so much because I am waiting to hear your reply so much as because I think I should be saying, 'I ask you'.


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