Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Plans Being Made for Next Benchley Humor Contest

The Officers and Directors of the Robert Benchley Society recently conferred, by telephone, on plans for the Seventh Anniversary Robert Benchley Society Annual Gathering and Humor Award Ceremony, set for July 16-19, 2010, in Boston, Mass. At the same time planning was begun for this years Robert Benchley Society Humor Competition. Watch this blog for details and deadlines. In general, it was agreed, to keep the rules of last year's competition more-or-less unchanged; they can be reviewed on the Robert Benchley Society website www.robertbenchley.org.


Shalanna said...

The deadline of April 1, 2010, has passed . . . will there be a competition this year with a different deadline?

(The word verification field is SO Benchleyesque: "hyroonso")

David Trumbull said...

Yes, there will be a competition, but the dates are yet to be settled. The rules will be the same, or very nearly the same, as last year's.

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