Thursday, July 3, 2008

1950s Hotel Algonquin 21-Feature Match Book--NYC

I get this on Ebay recently!

This Lion 21-Feature match book is from the Hotel Algonquin on West 44th Street in New York City. The saddle reads: Ben B. Bodne, Pres. The sticks list their accommodations.

21-Feature --A Lion Match Co. trademark for a match book containing wide match sticks that were printed with lettering, designs or a combination of both (not to be confused with printed sticks). The standard 30-stick size match book held 21 wide stick feature match sticks in three rows of seven. The 20-stick size match book held 15 wide match sticks and was known as the Feature. Introduced September 1930. They are no longer made.

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Kevin Fitzpatrick said...

What a great find. That is really cool. Ben Bodne bought the Algonquin in 1947, following the death of Frank Case. Since the matches advertise a TV in every room, I'd say that is late 1950s. Right? There were still a few of the Vicious Circle alive: Parker, F.P.A., Sherwood, Kaufman, Ferber, Peggy Leech, Jane Grant, Marc Connelly, Harpo Marx, Peggy Wood and Frank Sullivan.

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