Thursday, February 24, 2011

Elizabeth Benchley, Who She?

James Hyder of the Washington, D.C. "Lost Locomotive" Chapter of the Robert Benchley submitted this photo taken at the site of the Benchley family graves on Nantucket. Can anyone shed light on who Elizabeth Benchley was?


Rose A. Valenta said...

According to this family record

Robert Benchley, jr. was born at Sarah Lwarence Hospital in Bronxville, New York on 26 August 1919, and died on 24 June 1988.
Bench first married Elizabeth Woodward Dickinson on 25 September 1943. Elizabeth Dickinson was born on 9 June 1920, and died in August 1976.

Their children are:

Elizabeth Darling Benchley, born on 7 July 1945.

Robert Benchley, III born on 25 November 1950.

Then we find this record,
Wisconsin Marriages, 1973-1997
about Elizabeth D Benchley Name: Elizabeth D Benchley
Estimated Birth Year: 1945
Age: 37
Gender: F (Female)
County of Residence: Milwaukee
Spouse: Nason Eustace Hall Jr
Spouse's Estimated Birth Year: 1934
Spouse's Age: 48
Spouse's Gender: M (Male)
Spouse's County of Residence: Milwaukee
Marriage Date: 7 Aug 1982
Marriage County: Milwaukee
Certificate Number: 301366
Microfilm Roll Number: 10

Gordon Ernst said...

A photo of Bob Jr. and Elizabeth Dickinson:

I always wondered what became of Bob Jr., he stayed out of the limelight.

Tegan Dowling said...

How is it possible for the Robert Benchley Society not to know who his grandchildren are?

Elizabeth is not hard to find online, by the way:

Nat Benchley said...

Late to the game, I just discovered the stream about "Cousin E." She is a highly-regarded professor in Pensacola, FL, and one of the direct descendants of "Sweet Old Bob." She was his second grandchild, only granddaughter and sister of the esteemed photographer, RBIII. She (quite wisely) flies under the radar, pursuing her passion for anthropology. -NRB

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