Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Benchley Audio Recordings

The Robert Benchley Society was contacted by someone with this inquiry:

I am looking for some information, and I'm hoping you might know about what I'm looking for. Bob Elliot of the comedy team 'Bob and Ray', did a phonograph recording of some of Benchley's writings. Do you know the name of this recording and what company released it? I'm sure it is long out of print (I certainly can't find it).

We responded:
According to the standard reference work "Robert Benchley, An Annotated Bibliography" by Gordon Ernst (Greenwood Press, 1995) the recording "The Best of Benchley" was put out by Caedmon on LP (TC 1731) and cassette (CP 1731) in 1983. I do not know if this is still available in the Caedmon catalogue. You might try searching on e-Bay and similar sites.

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Gordon Ernst said...

It is indeed out-of-print, it never made it to a CD release.

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