Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sounds like something to highlight on a resumé: Bilingually deficient.

Carol C. of Los Angeles sent me this message last evening:
In checking out the chapters of the Robert Benchley Society, I came across the Los Angeles Chapter. On the RBS website, this fifth chapter is called “e-p-i-s-l-o-n,” which sounds like “He pissed on.” I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to say “epsilon.” Spell check keeps confirming this; every time I try to type “e-p-i-s-l-o-n” it corrects it. That’s why I have to write it with dashes in it
Check it out:
Bad enough that I am dyslexic; now she informs me that I am dyslexic in Greek as well as English! However, who would not have trouble with Greek, a tongue that says "nay" for "yes" and "okay" for "no." --David T.


Mathview said...

In my book e-p-i-s-l-o-n is it with which I would not put up with.

Rose A. Valenta said...

I didn't know the Greeks had such cool word illusions, David.

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