Wednesday, February 29, 2012

RBS 2009 Winner Ed Tasca to Teach Writing Course

Working Through the Writing Process, April 23-29, 2012, at the Ghost Ranch, New Mexico.

Discover who you are as a writer, whether you’re interested in fiction or nonfiction, whether you plan for a career in writing or enjoy it purely as an avocation. This course covers the basic considerations every writer should address as you think, prepare for, and work through the writing process. For beginners and intermediate writers. Activities include student readings and discussion, and personal one-on-one assistance, time permitting.

Ed Tasca was born in Philadelphia, and retired to Mexico in 2006 after living in England and Canada for several years. He’s the author of six novels and works of fiction, including Apocalypse Now...Grab the Karaoke Machine!, The Fables of Leonardo da Vinci, Autobiography of a Worm, Lub Dub, The Fishing Trip That got Away, and Return of the Lost Horses, in addition to a parody of Columbus’s journey of discovery, Good Morning--Why is Everyone Here Naked?

Ed is also the creator of several optioned screenplays and was awarded
the Grand Prize at the 2011 Screenplay Search Competition. He won the prestigious Robert Benchley Society Humor-Writing Award for 2009 and was a runner-up three years in a row. Ed holds awards from and the M. Culbertson’s Life and Humor Award. His work has appeared in publications in the US, Canada, England, Italy, and Mexico and he has been anthologized in Laugh Your Shorts Off and America’s Funniest Humor.

Registration $360 + lodging & meals

Additional information, including lodging fees, can be found at or you may call the registrar at 505.685.4333, ext. 4155.

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