Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DC Benchley Roundup

The Lost Locomotive Chapter of the Robert Benchley Society met on Monday 1/30/12 at the Black Squirrel in Washington, DC. After dinner and cocktails, we got down to the business at hand, namely viewing Benchley shorts. We saw "The Trouble With Husbands" (and, to be fair, "The Man's Angle"), "The Forgotten Man", "Crime Control", "How to Take A Vacation", "Nothing but Nerves", "The Witness", "Keeping in Shape", and "Waiting for Baby." RBS President David Trumbull was in attendance, as were the President and First Lady of the local chapter, Bill and Norma Hyder. SAVE THE DATE: The next meeting will likely be on Saturday, March 17, in Northern VA. More details when I get them.


Suzy said...

David, I just joined but failed to realize the new subscription year begins in March 2012, and today's February 10th!!

I paid by Paypal, any chance I could redo it in 20 days?

Sorry for being such a non-observant doofus.

David Trumbull said...

Hi Suzy, don't worry, I'll record you as paid up through March 2013.

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