Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mark Russell Thinks We Have Some Funny Writers

The Robert Benchley Society congratulates the winners of the 2011 Robert Benchley Society Annual Award for Humor Writing. This year's celebrity judge, Mark Russell, has ranked the top four entries and has provided comments to the writers, who are listed in order from first place and on:
  1. Tim French of Midway, Alabama, for The Old Man and the Leaf Blower
    My wife and I laughed out loud at the title. That alone, made me pick your short story as my favorite. The title was wonderful. And the premise, oh, so original. At that Great Sardis' in the Sky, Robert is amused, as is Old Ernie, wherever he is.

    Thanks for a delightful read.

    Mark Russell
  2. Robert G. Ferrell of La Vernia, Texas, for Up the Greek Without a Paddle
    I thoroughly enjoyed your short story. It takes off quickly with the first two sentences and maintained Benchley's level throughout. I loved the use of "#2iPencils and narrow-ruled iPads", and I laughed out loud at "please drop your fig leaves by the door."

    Thanks for an enjoyable read.

    Mark Russell
  3. Edward Southerland of Sherman Texas, for Certificates of Authenticity
    Your premise was nicely original. "Leonardo Da Vinci's plans for a steam powered blimp" and
    "Dr. Murney's Das Facten Wel Knowen are delightful. Who knew that people from Texas were so funny?

    Thanks for an enjoyable read.

    Mark Russell
  4. Steve Shrott of Toronto, Ontario, for Unblocking the Block
    Thank you for an enjoyable read. I liked the Marx Brothers rhythm you had going in your short
    story. Having, on occasion, suffered from writer's block, you had me going with the first paragraph and kept my attention throughout. Loved "must pea" may be the coffee table book of the decade."

    Mark Russell
This year's Annual Award Dinner will be held in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, November 12th as part of the Eighth International Robert Benchley Society Annual Gathering "A Capitol Idea," November 11-13, 2011. For more information about the Annual Gathering and the Award Dinner, visit www.robertbenchley.org/AG2011/registration.htm.


Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Congratulations to the winners! Great job! And those detailed comments from Mark Russell are lovely! Madeleine Begun Kane

Anonymous said...

You couldn't pay me in gold bars to miss the wonderful Mark Russell and those dapper RBS fellows!

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