Friday, April 29, 2011

Important Message for Those Entering the Benchley Writing Competition

The deadline for entering the 2011 Robert Benchley Society Annual Humor Writing Award Competition is Sunday, May 1st. Entries have been coming in and I have been acknowledging them as they arrive. Over the weekend of April 30th and May 1st, I shall have long stretches of time when I am not at my computer to acknowledge receipt of entries, and, if this year is similar to prior years, many entries will be submitted in the final 48 hours, so that when I do have an opportunity to process them, there may be a "backlog" causing further delays. If you submit and do not get prompt acknowledgement, DO NOT WORRY. Your PayPal receipt and your e-mail with the submission attached will be proof of timely submittal.

I regret if not hearing from me immediately creates any anxiety. Goodness knows there's enough to be anxious about in this world already. Speaking for myself, I nearly had to be hospitalized fretting over the President's place of birth, whether Kate Middleton's dress might disappoint with tragic consequences for the fashion world, and what would happen if the local liquor store ran out of Bourbon for Kentucky Derby Day juleps next Saturday.

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