Friday, April 1, 2011

The Fables of Leonardo da Vinci

The Fables of Leonardo da Vinci is a small collection of fables created from notations for fables and half-finished fable ideas found in the back of Leonardo's famous notebooks. The collection teaches how little stories can drive home insightful human ironies, while displaying a bit of the literary thought-processes of the great genius. The book is also a delightful way to introduce children to Da Vinci and the Renaissance. One-of-a-kind, this book may be considered the first volume of da Vinci’s fiction. It is an attempt to reveal something of his inner moral core through his fable ideas, those celebrating such virtues as humility, self-sacrifice and egalitarianism; and those deploring pretension, pomposity and dogmatism. The writing and the illustrations have been done in a style fitting the period in which Leonardo lived.

Published March, 2011 by Roseheart Publishing, USA.

Author: Ed Tasca is an award-winning humor writer and novelist, and a student of da Vinci’s extraordinary life. This little book of fables is a homage to that writing genre, offering readers of every age a taste of the simplicity and clarity of one of man’s oldest and most revered forms of fiction writing. Author’s email:

About Leonardo da Vinci: Leonardo had mastered virtually all the known arts, sciences and engineering principles of his time (the High Renaissance – a period roughly between 1450 and 1550), without having had a formal education. If one could find one individual who represented the beginning of the modern intellectual world, it would be Leonardo da Vinci.

ISBN number: 978 0 9845470 8 9
Price: $12.95. Available on all online booksellers and from Roseheart Publishing.Order information: Direct Orders:

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