Monday, February 14, 2011

Mike Tuck Named Top 2010 Robert Benchley Humor Award Winner. Con Chapman and Denise Weeks Winners Too. Honorable Mention to Katherine Leisering

The Robert Benchley Society announces that First Place in the 2010 Humor Award Competition goes to Mike Tuck of Eden Prairie, Minn., for Story Time with the Children.

"I guess it’s true that 'third times a charm' as I was runner up two years ago, made the top ten last year before reaching the summit this year. (Now where do I go?)" said Mr. Tuck upon hearing the news. "My bio is short, simple, straight-forward and almost entirely fictitious," continued Mr. Tuck.
I was born and raised in Minneapolis and first dabbled in humor as a young man by writing a few jokes and gags for spare change.

I still occasionally nudge a few words around on a piece of paper looking to amuse myself, but I'm not one who feels compelled to send my stuff out unless the "Benchley" name is involved.

I picked up my first Benchley book over 30 years ago and haven’t put it down yet. He's led me to some great reading in the works of Thurber, Leacock, Perelman, Lardner, Parker etc…. but for me, it always comes back to Benchley.

Second Place went to Con Chapman of Boston, Mass., for Ten Habits of Highly-Organized People, and How to Avoid Them.

Third Place winner is Denise Weeks of Richardson, Texas, for How to Watch TV.

Following this three winners, the best of the rest was Katherine Leisering of, Parkersburg, West Virginia, for Poem Authenticated By Loone.

Congratulations to all for making us laugh!

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Roberta said...

Congrats to all the winners. Plenty of talent entered this year!

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