Sunday, February 27, 2011

Magical Benchley

Can anyone help the gentleman who submitted this inquery to the Robert Benchley society:
Hello I'm looking for this Robert Benchley film:

Dark Magic, Metro Goldwyn Mayer,Directed by Roy Rowlan, Acting Robert Benchley and John Scarne.

I'm a magician.I'm doing a private study about John Scarne. Scarne was a famous magician, so I'm trying to collect footage of John Scarne. Please if you know where can I get this film would be great. I have spent long time looking for this film.


Agata Stanford said...

This short film was recently aired on Turner Classic Movies. One of my favorites! Check TCM on-line catalogue, and this link:
Good luck!
Agata Stanford

David Trumbull said...

This e-mail came in this morning:

For the gentleman looking for Benchley's Dark Magic: It is available for purchase at Amazon in the "Robert Benchley Miniatures Collection" shorts from 1935 - 1944, 3 disc set. Here is the link:
He can, of course, check the content with the seller to be sure, but it appears to be listed in content on disc 2 of the collection.
E. Mitchell
Film Hound

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