Thursday, February 17, 2011

Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor

To a student who wrote to the Robert Benchley Society seeking the titles of books on the work of Mr. Benchley for use in preparing a term paper, we responded:
Thank you for contacting the Robert Benchley Society.

Here are the names of a couple of books I suggest you consult in writing your paper:

--"Mr. B, or Comforting Thoughts About the Bison" by Wes Gehring (Greenwood Press, 1992). It's a biography of Benchley with analysis of his writing.

---"Robert Benchley" by Norris W. Yates (Twayne, 1968). A critical analysis of the themes and techniques that characterize RB's humor. Interesting comparisons between RB's work and that of other American humorists of the period such as Thurber and Perelman.

Best wishes for your paper. I'd be interested in seeing it when you finish.

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