Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Benchley, Wodehouse, and Mitford

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Hi there!
My mother and I used to read a book together and I think it was by Robert Benchley. I think it was called Noblesse Oblige, and was very funny.

Would you happen to know anything about this?


xxxx xxxxx
The Robert Benchley Society qrote:
Thank you for contacting the Robert Benchley Society. There is no book of Benchley's by the name "Noblesse Oblige." You can find a listing of all Benchley's books, with the titles of the individual essays in each book, on
our website at

According to Wikipedia there are a couple of works by that name:

Noblesse Oblige (book), a humorous book on U and non-U English edited by Nancy Mitford

Noblesse Oblige (short story), a short story by P. G. Wodehouse

David Trumbull

"What is the news this morning, Mr. MacGregor?" I asked, peering around from
behind a hangover.
--Robert Benchley

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