Monday, November 15, 2010

Judging Begins in 2010 Benchley Humor Competition

The entries in the 2010 Robert Benchley Society Humor Award Competition are avaiable for viewing on our website at The preliminary judges will be narrowing it down to the top ten by the end of this month and the final announcement of the winner will follow shortly thereafter.

I apologize to the entrants who have been awaiting our action. Please understand that we are a small group of volunteers that run this and, unfortunately key volunteers in this process have experienced serious illness, job loss, and other disruptions over the past months that have severely limited our ability to carry on as promptly as in past years. The process is now "back on track" and we all look forward to finding out who this year's winner's are.

-David Trumbull


Jim Bellows said...

Is this contest to be decided? If not, when will you be refunding entry fees?

Unknown said...

What is the latest word on the contest please?

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