Sunday, March 28, 2010

Coming Soon! The Athletic Benchley

Coming Soon from Glendower Media.

Robert Benchley, America’s greatest humorist, was famous for being one of the members of the Algonquin Round Table and for writing hysterical pieces for Vanity Fair, Life, and many other publications. He was the Drama Critic for Life for years and his reviews of plays were required reading for the New York theater public. He went on to make many movies with a list of Hollywood stars that no one else could claim and was known for his books of short hilarious articles.

What most people do not realize is that Benchley, and the most famous and talented writers in the country, also wrote for The Detroit Athletic Club News, the monthly house organ for members of that legendary auto and advertising club.
For the first time Benchley’s articles written for the DAC News will be published in The Athletic Benchley, 105 Exercises from the Detroit Athletic Club News.

These articles, in their original presentation and with the original artwork, are sure to recruit new fans for the Master of Nonsense. Famous pieces in their original form are here along with articles that have never before been seen outside the membership of the DAC., such as:

  • Carnival Time in Sunny Las Los
  • Kiddie Car Travel
  • What to Do When the Family Is Away
  • The Church Supper
  • And the ever popular Uncle Edith stories

The Athletic Benchley is expected to be available for the first time during May, 2010

Edited by Thomas Saunders, chairman of the "A Moderate State of Preservation" Ann Arbor, Mich. chapter of the Robert Benchley Society.

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