Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Story Of David Trumbull

Once upon a time there was a little boy named David Trumbull living in Boston. He was a nice boy, good to his mother and small kitties. He wore a bow tie, even in those days,which will give you some idea.
He had a strange attraction to sofas and davenports moving them around the room, hoisting them into strange and wonderful shapes in the living room and searching the libraries and book stores to find items about davenports. He was a strange little kid.
One day he found the report of a man, a man amoung men, a veritable knight of the relm who not only liked davenports, he actually moved one from one house in Boston to another without the owners of the houses or the davenport knowing anything about it.
Here was was was a possible 15-30 years for home invasion.
Trummy was hooked.
And that, my precious little brats, is how David Trumbull started the Robert Benchley Society.
(It was only much later that Trummy realised that Benchley was a humorous writer, an actor and a great observer of life. Go figure. )

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Anonymous said...

You shouldn't have. Really. My lawyer agrees, you really shouldn't have.

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